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Grafoid Inc. Formalizes its Green Energy Business Alliance with Focus Graphite, Stria Lithium and Braille Battery

Grafoid Inc. Formalizes its Green Energy Business Alliance with Focus Graphite, Stria Lithium and Braille Battery

The “2GL Platform” Integrates Graphene, Graphite, Lithium and Battery Innovation

May 18, 2016

OTTAWA – Grafoid Inc., a privately held developer of industrial scale graphene applications is pleased to announce the formalization of a strategic green energy business alliance branded as the 2GL Platform.

The collaborative agreement, executed in late March, 2016 unifies for the first time, the development of materials, technologies and processes critical for next generation energy applications under a shared vision and direction.

Grafoid Inc. is a world-leading graphene research, development and investment company that invests in, manages and develops markets for processes that produce economically scalable graphene for use in graphene applications. (www.grafoid.com)

Focus Graphite Inc. is an emerging graphite mining development company with the objective of producing value-added products for the lithium-ion battery market and graphite for graphene enhanced applications and products. (www.focusgraphite.com)

Stria Lithium Inc. is a junior mining exploration company with an expanding technology focus in lithium metal and foil. (www.strialithium.com)

Braille Battery Inc. is a leading manufacturer and seller of ultra-lightweight high performance AGM and lithium-ion batteries. (www.braillebattery.com)

2GL Platform’s website can be found at: www.2GLPlatform.com

“2GL Platform is an alliance for future growth. It benefits from the integration of battery innovation from four leading critical materials development companies,” said Grafoid Founding Partner and CEO Gary Economo.

The alliance incorporates a mine-to-market next generation energy production and storage supply chain whereby:

High performing graphene will be supplied by Grafoid; battery grade graphite will be supplied by Focus Graphite; lithium metal and lithium foil will be supplied by Stria Lithium; while battery production and sales will be through Braille Battery.

“The establishment of 2GL is the affirmation of our vision that integrating innovation from a strategic alliance provides us with a competitive advantage from a joint marketing platform,” said Mr. Economo. “The potential from next generation green energy markets is enormous.

“By pushing the boundaries of battery technologies, we aim to supply both materials and the know-how that create better energy storage applications at a cost acceptable for widespread adoption,” Mr. Economo said.

R&D will be coordinated through Grafoid’s Global Technology Center in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Highly purified and manufactured graphite, lithium and thermal management are the main components of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries for automotive, energy storage and portable electronic devices. Graphene, derived from high purity graphite surpasses graphite’s physical abilities to conduct electricity used in battery anodes and cathodes by multiple factors.

Next generation Li-ion batteries now under development aim to meet two related global objectives: manufacturers’ requirements for higher performing battery components at lower costs for the electrification of transportation sectors and energy storage industries, and; a universal political imperative for the reduction of carbon emissions to stem global warming.

Grafoid’s emergence in 2011 evolved from management’s business vision to capture, exploit and lead the development of graphene’s enormous future potential in diverse industrial sectors – chief among them, next generation energy production and storage, lightweight durable automotive components and, coatings for the aerospace, marine and non-transportation sectors.

The source of Grafoid’s high performing Mesograf™, Amphioxide™ and GrafeneX graphene materials and products is Focus Graphite’s Lac Knife flake graphite project. In September, 2015, Grafoid and Focus Graphite executed two 10-year graphite offtake (sales and purchase) agreements – the first to meet Grafoid’s green energy development requirements, the second committing Focus to supply Grafoid with nearly half of it’s projected future production of 43,000 tonnes per year over the life of the contract. Security of a long-term source of supply was critical to Grafoid’s future growth.

Between 2014 and early 2016, Focus published four test results on the performance of its manufactured (spherical coated and uncoated) battery grade graphite for battery anode and expanded coarse flake graphite for battery cathode applications (please refer to Focus news releases dated May 27, 2014; February 26, 2015; November 25, 2015 and April 1, 2016 available at www.focusgraphite.com and www.sedar.com under Focus Graphite Inc.). In all three tests, the results supported the electrically conductive superiority of Lac Knife’s graphite over commercially available sources of synthetic and natural flake graphite.

The emergence of Stria Lithium’s low-cost, proprietary and environmentally sustainable lithium production technologies in 2014 created an additional energy related opportunity for all three companies. And, Stria’s recent expansionary goals for the production of lithium metals and lithium foil for use in Li-Ion batteries added revenue generating potential even as the company continues exploration and development of its Pontax spodumene lithium project in Northern Quebec.

Grafoid’s 2014 acquisition of Braille Battery provided it with three key capabilities: R&D and manufacturing of cutting edge Li-ion battery products, a global sales and distribution network, and; an established revenue stream.

Currently, the design and construction of Grafoid’s automated graphene mass production facility is underway. It is supported in part by an $8.1 million development grant from the Government of Canada.

The invention of Grafoid’s business approach to next generation green energy markets coalesced in March 2016 with the formalization of the 2GL Platform – a collaborative entity that integrates innovation, provides competitive advantages from supply chain efficiencies, and creates new opportunities by exploiting both economic and environmental possibilities.

About Grafoid Inc.

Grafoid is a complete solutions graphene company. The company provides expertise as well as product and processes for transformative, industrial-scale graphene applications in partnership with leading corporations and institutions around the world.

A privately held Canadian corporation, Grafoid invests in graphene applications and economically scalable production processes for graphene and graphene derivatives from raw, unprocessed graphite ore. Focus Graphite Inc. holds a significant interest in Grafoid Inc.

Incorporated in 2011, Grafoid’s global enterprise platform includes 17 subsidiary companies engaged in the development of Mesograf™ materials and products, and development services. They include, but are not limited to: Mesograf™ lithium batteries for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and industrial energy storage; additive manufacturing materials including metal alloy and graphene polymer powders for 3D printing; polymers, plastics, rubber, elastomers, and composite materials; fibre science including aluminum alloys; coatings and lubricants; fire retardant materials; thermal management solutions; EMI/RFI/EMP shielding; solar solutions, and analytical testing; and laboratory services.

Grafoid’s research is supported through the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) of the National Research Council of Canada, and, on February 20, 2015, Grafoid received an $8.1 million investment from the SD Tech Fund™ of Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to develop a technology that will automate Mesograf™ graphene production and end-product development. SDTC is mandated by the Government of Canada to support clean technology companies as they move their technologies to market.

About Focus Graphite

Focus Graphite Inc. is an advanced exploration and development mining company with an objective of producing graphite concentrate at its Lac Knife deposit located south west of Fermont, Québec. In a second stage, to meet Quebec stakeholder interests of transformation within the province and to add shareholder value, Focus is evaluating the feasibility of producing value added graphite products including battery-grade spherical graphite.

The Lac Knife project hosts a Measured and Indicated Mineral Resource Estimate* of 9.58 million tonnes grading 14.77% graphitic carbon (Cg) (432,000 tonnes Measured @ 23.66% Cg and 9,144,000 tonnes Indicated @ 14.35% Cg) as natural flake graphite with an additional Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate* of 3.1 million tonnes grading 13.25% Cg. Focus’ goal is to assume an industry leadership position by becoming a low-cost producer of technology-grade graphite concentrate.

The Feasibility Study filed with SEDAR on August 8, 2014 for the Lac Knife Project indicates the project is economically viable and has the potential to become a low cost graphite concentrate producer based on 7.86 million tonnes of Proven and Probable Mineral Reserves** grading 15.13% Cg included in the Mineral Resource (429,000 tonnes Proven @ 23.61% Cg and 7,428,000 tonnes Probable @ 14.64% Cg).

On May 27, 2014 and on February 26, 2015 the Company announced the potential for high value added sales in the Li-ion battery sector following battery coin cell tests performed on Spherical Graphite (“SPG“) produced from the Lac Knife graphite concentrate. Testing measured the performance metrics and confirmed Focus’ capability to tailor lithium ion battery-anode-grade graphite and value added products to meet the most stringent customer specifications.

On March 31, 2016, the Company announced the potential for high value added sales in the Li-Ion battery sector from independent tests of its expanded natural flake graphite from its Lac Knife, Québec Project. Those tests revealed that expanded graphite derived from course flakes demonstrated nearly double the electrical conductivity over standard grades of synthetic and natural graphite used in Li-Ion battery cathode applications.

Focus Graphite is a technology-oriented graphite mining development company with a vision for building long-term, sustainable shareholder value. Focus also holds a significant equity position in graphene applications developer Grafoid Inc.

* Mineral resources are not mineral reserves and do not have demonstrated economic viability

** The Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources are inclusive of those Mineral Resources modified to produce the Mineral Reserve. The reference point for the Mineral Reserve Estimate is the mill feed.

Qualified Person

Mr. Marc-André Bernier, M.Sc, P.Geo (Québec and Ontario), a Director of the Company and a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects, has reviewed and approved the technical content of this news release relating to the Lac Knife project mineral resource estimates and feasibility study report.

About Stria Lithium Inc.

Stria Lithium Inc.  (TSX-V: SRA) is a Canadian junior mining exploration company with an expanding technology focus and is also the sole owner of the Pontax spodumene lithium property in Northern Quebec. Stria’s mission is to be a reliable, profitable global source for both lithium metal and lithium compound products and process technologies for producing value added lithium products.

Stria’s expanded business focus is on the application of in-house developed technologies and processes that lead to the production and milling of lithium metal and lithium metal foil for advanced lithium batteries.

From the production of lithium metal also comes the value added production of: lithium hydroxide; lithium carbonate; lithium fluoride, and; lithium chloride.

Lithium is a critical metal in the universal fight against global warming. It is a core component of Lithium-Ion batteries used for powering electric vehicles and for industrial scale energy storage.

About Braille Battery Inc.

Braille Battery is the world leader in ultra lightweight Lithium-Ion high performance batteries. Braille also distributes and sells the world’s first and only AGM carbon fiber race batteries. The entire selection is also part of their “Green Start” line of Eco-minded batteries.

The company name, Braille, reflects the concept that advantages of weight reduction in racing are sometimes only felt, not seen.  Braille Battery is currently the lithium battery of choice used exclusively in every car in: Indycar, DTM, SuperGT and Australian V8 Supercars, along with a large majority of the prototypes and GT cars in the IMSA TUDOR sports car series.

Braille also supplies to top teams in NASCAR, Formula 1, Open Wheel, Drag Racing, Rally, SCCA, NASA, Drifting, Motorcycle and all levels of competition on both two and four wheels.

Braille products are available through a variety of online distributors in the U.S., Canada and overseas, and at local specialty retail outlets.

Braille Battery is a subsidiary of Grafoid Inc. a complete graphene solutions company advancing the commercialization of MesoGraf™ graphene battery applications and products for the automotive, medical, military, and marine sectors.


Grafoid Inc.

Gary Economo

Founding Partner and CEO