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Graphene Applications

Grafoid’s Active
MesoGraf™ Applications

Establishing joint venture partnerships for the development of next-generation products integrating
MesoGraf™ graphene drive Grafoid’s business model and the Company already has many highprofile joint ventures and projects with leading industrial and academic partners across the globe.
Grafoid has undertaken a sweeping review of the potential graphene market landscape and set a
number of priority areas for research and application development. Fifty-nine potential project areas
have been identified. Of these 59 project areas, Grafoid is currently involved in 15 joint ventures.
Due to reasons of commercial confidentiality, Grafoid is prevented from disclosing many of its
ongoing commercial, industrial and military research and development projects.

Clean Water Supply

Grafoid's Mesograf™ can be used to as a more effective solution for water filtration than traditional methods.

Graphene Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries

Graphene Polymers and Plastics

Solar Panels and Solar Cells

Oil Spill Remediation (Wet/Dry)

Construction & Industry

Military & Defense

3D Printing

Sports Equipment