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Joint Venture Partnerships

The road to graphene’s commercialization starts here. Grafoid has entered into a number of high-profile joint venture application development relationships with leading industrial and academic partners around the world. The founding of joint venture relationships to develop next-generation MesoGraf™-based products drive Grafoid’s business model. Royalties will primarily drive revenue. Grafoid, under special terms and circumstances, will sell MesoGraf™ on a limited basis to companies and academic institutions. Grafoid’s extensive joint venture relationships — 17 currently— demonstrate the Company’s global market penetration and acceptance attained over a 24-month period. Grafoid’s process, intended to lead the global commercialization of graphene, is unique. No other known graphene produced can match the characteristics of MesoGraf™ — low cost, mass produced, with minimal defects. In the process of establishing joint venture relationships, Grafoid aims to significantly increase its global projections for marketplace penetration. Grafoid believes that, for the first time, industry will have access to high quality graphene in bulk at affordable prices.

Areas of Development Interest

Grafoid has an interest in numerous development areas and is currently exploring a number of these with interested potential joint venture partners. The Company anticipates being in a position to announce some of these partnerships later this year. These areas include:

3D Printing Materials
Fire Retardants
Water Desalination and Purification Solar
Heat Sinks
Cable and Transmission Lines
Conductive Inks
Conductive Programmable Construction Wall Panels
Organic Electronics and Lighting (OLED)
Transparent Conductive Films
Specialty Coatings
Additional Renewable Energy Sectors
Additional Fabrication Sectors