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Graphene Facts

What is Graphene Anyways?

Graphene holds the potential to bring about a new era in material science. A potentially ‘disruptive’ technology, and addition of graphene to most any material (including plastics, polymers, metals, batteries, etc.) tremendously enhances the properties of said material. The properties of graphene are truly amazing, and the potential applications extend across every industrial sector. The total graphene industry size impact exceeds $100 billion.

Here are some quick Graphene Facts

Gaphene is only One Atom Thick

Graphene is a two-dimensional, one atom thick, allotrope of Carbon, made from natural Graphite.

Yet It's the strongest material ever measured

Graphene has been measured at 200x the strength of steel and it has a stronger tensile strength than kevlar.

It's also the thinnest material in the world

At only one atom thick, Graphene is the thinnest known material we can see.

a Single layer of graphene is transparent

Graphene is only transparent because it is one atom thick, but with enough layers, Graphene can also absorb practically all light.

Graphene is highly flexible & stretchy

Graphene’s ability to retain its original size and shape after being stretched could be the key ingredient to future technologies.

It's Incredibly Light

To put things in perspective, a single sheet of graphene big enough to cover a soccer or football field would weigh less than 1 gram.

The Worlds most conductive material

Graphene can carry electricity more efficiently, precisely and faster than any other materials on earth.

It's also the Most Impermeable material on earth

Even at only one atom thick, defect-free graphene is believed to be 100% impermeable to all gases and liquids.