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Latest Corporate News

Research and Markets: Global Graphene Market 2012-2016 with Grafoid Inc., IBM Corp., and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Dominating

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Grafoid Inc. and ProScan Rx Pharma Inc. Establish Calevia Inc. to Develop Graphene-based, Non-Invasive Cancer Eradication Therapies

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New Patent-Pending Technology Furthers Innovation in the Energy Industry

A step toward the future: new patent-pending technology furthers innovation in the energy industry.

Grafoid Raises USD $3.5m Through A Private Financing

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Grafoid Inc. unveils MesoGraf™ High Energy Density Graphene;Links With National University of Singapore’s Graphene Center, and; Launches Global Platform with spin-out, Graphite Zero.

President & CEO Gary Economo’s announcement at the “New Diamonds Nano Conference” in Singapore. Click here to access full speech.

MesoGraf™gives graphene the elusive scalability to reach the Market

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Focus Graphite launches first trademarked graphene: MesoGraf

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The Global Graphene Race

ProEdgeWire article written by President & CEO of Grafoid Inc, Gary Economo. Click here to access article.


Latest News…

Grafoid Inc. and the University of Waterloo Announce a JV Agreement to Develop High Performance Graphene Electrochemical Energy Systems. To read the full release click here.

Grafoid Inc. and CapTherm Systems Inc. Joint Venture to Develop Next-Generation Graphene Cooling Systems for EV and LED Applications. To read the full release click here.

Grafoid in WIRED: Tracking graphenes move from science project to money machine.

Grafoid Inc. Announces R&D Agreement with Hydro-Québec’s IREQ for Next Generation LFP-Graphene Batteries…Read the release

Dr. Gordon Chiu interview, “Bringing Graphene Into The Supply Chain“, BNN, October 26, 2012


Welcome to our website …


Grafoid’s investment leading to the breakthrough, bulk quality, few layer graphene standard, MesoGraf™ represents a defining moment; a turning point in both material science and in human history.

MesoGraf™ enables graphene application development solutions. Our top-down scalable product forms the basis for our commercial relationships and ultimately, lowers industrial application costs leading to graphene’s universal acceptance.

As a business, we invest both financial resources and intellectual capital to resolve issues leading to application and production cost mitigation. We see our solutions as a first step towards graphene’s standardization and ultimately, market monetization.

And when we look at our graphene discovery and invention, we see ourselves moving science to the next level – not only in energy storage and composites, but in the collaborative approach we’ve introduced to application development, our principal business.

Based upon results from our own investment in Singapore-based Graphite Zero’s proprietary process we foresee breakthroughs ahead from an increasing participation in an array of unique, pan-industrial developments.

Graphene’s discovery opens new frontiers for industry. Mesograf™ sets a new standard for quality. Grafoid, as the agent of change, bridges the gap between science and industry by eliminating risk.

MesoGraf™ sets the global standard for commercialized graphene.

Thank you.

Dr. Gordon Chiu

President and Chief Technology Officer

A Welcome from Gary Economo

gary economo

Sometimes, possibly more than once in a lifetime, nature and chemistry combine to produce a material that captures the imagination of the world. As a business, our aim is to capture some of the vast commercial opportunities graphene’s discovery has brought to our world and to our doorstep.

Grafoid’s breakthrough investment in a discovery that transforms graphite ore to pristine graphene and subsequently, our development of a production process for economically mass producing graphene for commercial applications have spawned corporate and institutional partnership interest from all corners of the globe.  Our suite of graphene products known as MesoGraf™ set a new global standard in helping to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

As Dr. Gordon Chiu and his science teams perfect their application developments, our enterprise mission aims to position Grafoid as the “go-to” global investing and partnering source.

And as markets attempt to find a formula for monetizing graphene for investment purposes, setting the standard for environmentally sustainable, commercialized graphene remains our primary business objective.

We welcome your comments and inquiries and look forward to announcing new developments on this website.


Gary Economo

CEO, Grafoid Inc.

Why Grafoid?

Grafoid is a Canadian graphene research, development and investment company partnered with Focus Graphite Inc., owner of the high grade Lac Knife, Quebec graphite deposit. We invest in, manage, and develop markets for processes that produce economically scalable, pristine graphene for polymer and non-polymer, energy storage and other applications. Our leading investment produces high-energy density graphene known as MesoGraf ™  from a safe, non-destructive extraction process leaving the lowest possible ecological footprint. Introducing the best graphite source influences results. We bring knowledge in graphene, resolve scalability issues, tailor our graphene for unique applications, and; we provide solutions for achieving success. Click here for more information.

Our Business

Our investment and business development activities are built upon our understanding that a unique graphite source, combined with an equally unique, non-destructive transformation chemistry produces a high quality, economically scalable suite of graphene products known as MesoGraf™ that can be tailored to both industrial and commercial applications.

Grafoid’s mission creates markets for our graphene investments to institutional partners, and we provide technical advisory and consulting services to miners, manufacturers, suppliers and processors of graphene materials.

Our purpose is to enable discoveries of new end-uses and applications for partners looking to co-develop unique applications.

Ultimately, we aim to promote a global standard for economically scalable, affordable graphene.

Quality, cost, safety and production are some of the criteria we apply against our investment selection and in our co-developer search activities.