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Grafoid Announces the Addition of Dr. Michael E. Shannon to its Advisory Board to Provide Insight and Guidance for Bio-Medical Applications and Systems

OTTAWA — Grafoid Inc. (“GRAFOID”) is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Michael E. Shannon M.A., M.Sc., M.D. to its Advisory Board where he will draw on his extensive experience developing bio-medical applications – from inception to national deployments – to lend insight and guidance on Grafoid’s portfolio of bio-medical applications and systems. Having received a medical degree from Queen’s University in Canada, which included advanced training in surgery and sports medicine, Dr. Shannon also holds post-graduate degrees in neurochemistry and physiology. He has been actively engaged in applied medical research within these areas for over 27 years.

As a member of the Canadian Forces for 31 years, Dr. Shannon retired at the rank of Commodore (Brigadier General equivalent) as Deputy Surgeon General for Canada. He also served as the senior medical liaison officer for all of the Canadian forces during the first Gulf War.

In 1996 he assumed responsibilities within Health Canada for re-organizing the Canadian blood system. Working with both the provincial and federal governments he oversaw the development of a new corporate entity dedicated exclusively to the management of blood services in Canada. He was then appointed Director General for the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, a position he held for three years.

In December 2000, Dr. Shannon left the Canadian Federal Government to pursue a new career in industry. In that capacity he simultaneously directed several phase III clinical trials in Canada, the United States and Great Britain for an artificial blood substitute product. Following completion of that work he was asked to accept a special two year assignment with the Canadian Federal Government Auditor General’s office. As Senior Medical Advisor and Audit Principal, his assignment was  to conduct a cost benefit analysis of all government sponsored pharmacare programs and make recommendations directly to the Parliament of Canada. His assignment and presentation to Parliament was completed in November 2004.

Dr. Shannon was then asked to assist the Canadian Public Health Agency (Center for Disease Control equivalent in the United States) as Senior Medical Advisor to the Agency. His responsibility was to direct the rebuilding of the Emergency Medical Response Capacity for Canada. In this regard and under his direction, the largest emergency medical response exercise in the history of the country, involving the overnight construction of a mobile hospital, hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients, was successfully held in Toronto in December of 2007.

Dr. Shannon has been actively engaged in medical bio-oxidative (O3 based) research since 1987 and was directly responsible for the first human clinical trial to have ever been approved in North America which examined the efficacy of O3 delivered via minor autohemotherapy in the treatment of AIDS. He was also responsible for several primate studies utilizing O3 involving scientists from various departments within the Canadian Federal Government including the Animal Disease Research Institute, as well as senior investigators from Cornell University.

Dr. Shannon has served as the Senior Medical Advisor to Medizone International since 2004. In August of 2008 he accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Medizone International and assumed responsibility for medical affairs. In October 2009, he was additionally appointed the President of the Canadian Foundation for Global Health.

With great enthusiasm, Dr Shannon assumes an active role as the medical advisor on an exciting new anti-microbial program at Grafoid. In addition, he will share insight and guidance on a number of other high-growth biomedical applications such as antimicrobial coatings, composite materials for implants, exo-skeleton applications, drug delivery systems technology, water filtration and gas systems and bio-medical devices. “The term innovation is vastly over used these days” stated Dr Shannon, “What I have seen of these new Grafoid developments however,  challenges one’s imagination in terms of trying to fully appreciate their potential impact on this world. Suffice it to say that they are all potential game changers and I am honoured to have the opportunity to contribute”

Gary Economo, CEO of Grafoid shares his outlook on Dr. Shannon’s involvement stating that, “The ability of a company to produce the disruptive products that will shape tomorrow is directly impacted by its ability to effectively draw on the knowledge and learnings that inform today. We’re extremely excited to have access to a true pioneer in Dr. Shannon and look forward to his guidance as we build out our vision for graphene based bio-medical applications.”

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Founded in 2011, Grafoid Inc. is a graphene research, development and investment company that invests in, manages and develops markets for processes that produce economically scalable graphene for use in graphene development applications by leading corporations and institutions. Grafoid’s leading investment produces application friendly, minimal-defect, high-energy density few layer graphene, utilizing a safe, non-destructive extraction process, leaving the lowest possible ecological footprint. The completely unique, proprietary process results in what Grafoid regards as a new global standard for economically scalable, high-purity graphene products — trademarked under the MesoGraf™ trade name — that can be tailored to both industrial and commercial applications.

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