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GRAFOID is Pleased to Announce the Worldwide Launch of its Innovative Suite of Oxidized Graphene Products – GNOX™

OTTAWA — Grafoid Inc. (“GRAFOID”) is pleased announce the worldwide launch of innovative suite of Oxidized Graphene products – GNOX™. The GNOX™ product line represents highly customizable graphene products for an industry currently valued at $50-100M with a compound yearly growth of 40%.

Demand for rapid and massive-scale production remains high for graphene based materials. Graphene oxide is a single-atomic layered material, made by the powerful oxidation of graphite. Relatively low cost and abundant, it is an oxidized form of graphene, laced with oxygen-containing groups that is easy to process because it is dispersible in water (and other solvents). However, its practical application across various industries has been severely limited due to the impurity and lack of consistency of the current Graphene Oxide available in the marketplace. 

Grafoid’s GNOX™ represents a new standard for Graphene Oxide materials by employing unique methods that ensure a superior level of purity and consistency for customers. Grafoid removes much of the quality uncertainties that have plagued customers of Graphene Oxide in the past. Grafoid believes that the immediate availability of its 3 product skews: UGO-Aerogel, UGO-H2O Dispersion and UGO – Organic Solvent online represents a watershed moment for establishing a quality standard for the purity and consistency of Graphene Oxide products in the Graphene industry. 

Gary Economo, CEO of Grafoid acknowledged the potential to reshape the level of expectations that customers for Graphene Oxide products currently have by stating “Many of the challenges in realizing the full potential of Graphene’s revolutionary applications across various industries is hindered by the lack of quality source graphene to execute. We believe that the overall purity, our multiple processing methodology and ability to customize the material output based on a customer’s needs will empower more innovation and help the Graphene industry on a whole.” 

Grafoid has launched its direct to consumer website at http://gnox.ca online and is announcing the global availability of its innovative Graphene Oxide products at the Graphene for US conference in New York, Feb 14&15, 2019  (http://www.grapheneforus.com/2019/). 

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About Grafoid

Founded in 2011, Grafoid Inc. is a graphene research, development and investment company that invests in, manages and develops markets for processes that produce economically scalable graphene for use in graphene development applications by leading corporations and institutions. Grafoid’s leading investment produces application friendly, minimal-defect, high-energy density few layer graphene, utilizing a safe, non-destructive extraction process, leaving the lowest possible ecological footprint. The completely unique, proprietary process results in what Grafoid regards as a new global standard for economically scalable, high-purity graphene products — trademarked under the MesoGraf™ trade name — that can be tailored to both industrial and commercial applications.

Gary Economo
Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer
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